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More than good food

A social enterprise built on real relationships

Food for Opportunity

Plates is an integral part of an 18 month program designed to move homeless families from the street to self-sustainability

Success measured by success of others

With 96% of our graduates obtaining and maintaining jobs and housing, we feel the numbers speak for themselves.

Conveniently located in Depot Park

14 Business Park Way Sacramento CA 95828

food crafted from the finest ingredients

We love good food and take pride in delivering the best ingredients to our community
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What is Plates Cafe?

Plates Café and Catering is a social enterprise of the Sacramento-based nonprofit organization, Saint John’s Program for Real Change The mission of Saint John's Program, Sacramento County's only non-profit focused exclusively on homeless mothers with children, is to help homeless families to advance from a point of crisis to a position of independence and self-sufficiency. During Saint John's holistic 18-month program, confidence and hope are restored while independent living skills are developed and goals are set.

An employment training program

A program for formerly homeless mothers with children, Plates Café and Catering is an innovative enterprise that provides women with a unique opportunity to learn valuable skills necessary to enter the culinary and service industries. Upon completion of the Plates program, graduates are qualified for positions in the culinary, retail and/or hospitality industries. Plates helps place them into careers in these industries.

We are very proud of our Plates graduates

They are mothers who have been homeless, but they have proven to be far from helpless. By assisting them to develop the skills required to gain and, most importantly, maintain employment, not only are we helping these women to sustain their families and fulfill their potential, we are also lessening the burden on the system's increasingly precarious and scarce resources.

Come visit us at either our Plates or Plates2Go locations in Sacramento and see for yourself the inspiration we’re serving up daily!